From the Director’s Desk

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Join us opening night, November 4, at Theater Wit to experience our critically acclaimed autopsy seminar. We are delighted to expand our seminar into our new theater space. The event is an interactive slideshow and discussion for the public, as seen in Time Out Chicago, AV Club, Life Matters Media and others. Wondering if it’s for you? Think psychology, health, families….Seen it already? Spread the word. We get artists, laywers, social workers, hospice workers, law enforcement, the generally curious and many others. Learn how an autopsy is peformed. And hear a story or two along the way will show you the humanity behind the science.

Looking for a lunch buddy on November 3? Join us online at noon for our next Q & A series for the public. The topic for this event is gastrointestinal death. If you know someone who has had died from colon cancer, c. difficile infection, or esophageal varices, have a question, or just want to following along with the conversation, feel free to login. As always, the event will begin with a short video (preview here) showing a dissection of an intestine. We look forward to your questions and participation this Tuesday. Just go to our Facebook page and the event will be right there.

This month’s newsletter includes my essay, “The Independent Autopsy and Private Autopsy – and Your Rights.” So much happens to a family when there’s a loss — from the emotional to the practical. A family can be pulled in different directions by all the individuals, institutions and laws that come into play during this vulnerable time. Take a look and see if you’re familiar with your rights when it comes to autopsies.

Our Live from the Morgue series is up and running. If you work with high schoolers, please feel free to be in touch.


Ben Margolis, M.D.