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Documentary: Dr. Margolis – The Autopsy

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January 26, 2018. Dr. Margolis talks about the autopsy in a companion documentary to TNT’s series, The Alienist. View on YouTube

Essay: Live Stream Autopsy in the Time of Fake News April 15, 2017.Read post.

Reflection: Live from the Morgue November 25, 2016 Read Post.

The Only Acceptable Option June 11, 2016. Read post.

New Procedure: Small Incision Autopsy May 20, 2016. Read post.


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3 weeks ago

We are the #1 top paid medical app on Google Play. Haven’t downloaded the Autopsy App yet? Go to See MoreSee Less

Hi doc i currently pay for the go live subscription and i have the app. Is there a way to view live streams that i have missed?

3 weeks ago

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Yay. ! Congratulations !

3 weeks ago

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4 weeks ago

https://www.Autopsy.Online. Our desktop autopsy video subscription platform. Go beyond the App. High School. College. University/Professional school.
10+ hours of content, 100+ videos. Educational annotation. And more. Educators begin the process:
#Autopsy #Education #Anatomy #AnatomyAndPhysiology
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Lizbeth Torres Magallanes follow this group

2 weeks ago   ·  1

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1 month ago

Educators. Winter/Spring A&P

Beta testers wanted — Autopsy Video Platform
Winter/Spring 2019 A&P courses – educators please inquire

Autopsy.Online ( is a new subscription autopsy-based video library organized as a flexible, searchable database. Cases are broken up into mini-videos. You can step through a full cases from start to finish, viewing all the parts; or pull up parts of the cases highlighting a specific body system (e.g., cardiovascular); or search for specific anatomy (e.g. coronary artery). There is a lot more and a great deal of flexibility to the site.

Beta Testing:
CC adjunct – college – university level: educator and student-wide access. (Students should have a school email for us to set them up.)
High school: Educator access and/or in-class computer station access only (due to graphic nature).

Access is free and we can offer to work out more accessible use of the platform after beta testing once completed.

We’re looking for educators to integrate the platform into the course and share feedback. We will update the platform and support your use during beta testing. Inquire for more details.

Thank you! See MoreSee Less

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1 month ago

Time subject to change.
Only on the Autopsy App.
Download here or find on iTunes/Google Play.
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