Long Illness or Hospitalization


Any loss can be confusing and overwhelming.

Losing a loved one after a long illness or long hospitalization can pose its own challenges. At Autopsy Center, we can help you make sense of your experience and your loved one’s medical care. We will listen to your concerns and make sure that we communicate with you in a way that is clear and understandable.

Here are a some reasons to work with us after a long illness or hospitalization:

We can help sort through the medical issues. You may have worked hard to “stay on top of” all the medical issues and procedures.  But hospitals are complicated institutions and it can be hard to make sense of your experience.

You may have stayed by your loved one’s side for the days, weeks, and months of a hospitalization. After a loss, you may feel cut off not only from your loved one but from access to your providers. We are still here for you. We know your questions don’t go away.

You may have specific questions about medical events or procedures along the way. We can offer you an independent assessment.


Please call us at 1-855-8-AUTOPSY to continue the conversation and discuss options to help you achieve the closure you deserve.