Sudden Death

When your loved one dies suddenly, it’s always a shock.  Your questions can cover a range.  Please share your thoughts and questions with us.  We will let you know how the autopsy can and can’t help.  Often, it can help in surprising ways.

Here are some situations where an autopsy may help after a sudden death:

If your loved one seemed perfectly healthy and died suddenly, it can help to learn why.  Knowing why can help with your own closure, uncover (or rule out) an inherited condition, or diagnose an illness that had been undetected.

If your loved one had known health issues or was hospitalized and died suddenly, you may feel a need to learn more about his overall health and his experience within the health care system.

If there is a family history of sudden death, you may need information about possible inherited conditions.

If you were not present with your loved one at the exact moment of death, you may wonder if he or she suffered; or may be feeling guilty or helpless. At Autopsy Center, we know that a family’s wish to be there for their loved one reflects a huge commitment on the part of the family. We also know that wishing to stop a death is often no match for a disease process. It can help to know what happened.


A sudden death can be overwhelming.  Not knowing “why” the loss occurred can sometimes interfere with the grief process.  We can help you make sense of the loss. Please call us at 1-855-8-AUTOPSY.