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Dr. Ben Margolis, Director of The Autopsy Center, holds a B.A. from Harvard University (Chemistry and Physics) and an M.D. from the University of Chicago. Casework is thorough and meticulous. The Autopsy Center functions as a neutral service at all times.  We seek the truth of the case regardless of who has made the case request. Our approach is grounded in fact and evidence, research documentation, reason and analysis.

We give voice to the truth by providing casework of impeccable quality. Reports are timely; data is internally consistent; medical uncertainty is minimized though specialized testing, chart review, and application of reasoned medical context; and contact with third parties is minimized to prevent the perception of influence and bias.

Practical information:

Communication with the Autopsy Center:  Communication is limited or none. At most, there may be a one-time discussion of preliminary results immediately after the case. We may also provide you with a copy of the Provisional Diagnosis, if the family requests, and some representative photographs, if available. We do not discuss the case while the report is being prepared.

Contact is typically limited to discussions of logistics, if necessary. This process allows our work to stand at trial without the possibility of the perception of influence. This approach allows the truth of the report to stand untouched by tactical maneuvers of an undermining nature by any party.

Timeliness of Reports:    If arrangements are made by the family, The Provisional Diagnosis and relevant photographs will be mailed to you at 48 hours, and the Final Report will be mailed to you typically within 60 days. If the family requests a chart review, this will add to the time required to prepare the report — typically 3 additional months, not including any time the required for the family to acquire and provide the records, and not including any time required to discuss and finalize review options.

Ancillary Documentation:  Depending on the case, the report will include photography, laboratory test results, medical chart citations, flow charts, diagrams and/or illustration of relevant case anatomy.

Chart or case review:  The Autopsy Center can review cases where there was a prior autopsy performed; contract for chart review in cases of wrongful death; or consider the possibility of exhumation in specific circumstances.


If you are an attorney working with a family after a loss, call us at 1-855-8-AUTOPSY to discuss this service.

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