New Procedure: Small Incision Autopsy

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New Procedure:  Small Incision Autopsy

We’re now offering an autopsy whose sole purpose is to provide families with information about inherited conditions: The Small Incision Autopsy. Our over-riding goal is to provide families with closure after a loss. Generally, this means understanding why the patient died. But it can also mean explaining what may have caused troubling symptoms, assessing changes […]

New event venue

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Our event, Science to Humanity:  The Autopsy, is moving to a new venue. Join us at the International Museum of Surgical Science starting July 30 for Science to Humanity; and stay tuned for more educational events in 2014-2015. The facility is located along Lake Shore Drive in the Gold Coast just one block south of […]

Urban Prep students visit with the Autopsy Center

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Urban Prep students visited with the Autopsy Center on March 26 to learn about the field of autopsy pathology. As part of Urban Prep’s “Discover Our City Day,” over 600 of the Bronzeville students fanned out in chaperoned groups throughout the Chicago area to meet with varied professionals, including Dr. Margolis. They learned about the […]