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December 30, 2016

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The Autopsy Talks - Goldstar


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This event explores what becomes of lives placed in the hands of our most trusted physicians – surgeons. Join Dr. Ben Margolis (director of Autopsy Center of Chicago) for this engaging and thought-provoking multimedia discussion focusing on autopsies where the death occurred after a surgery. Delve deeply into the mysteries of the human body; learn how an autopsy reveals the body’s experience under the knife; and share in the moving stories winding from operating room to autopsy suite. Come armed with curiosity and questions for a journey below the staple line. Followed by a Q & A with Dr. Margolis!


Is there an actual dead body at the event? No. The event is a multimedia discussion (slideshow; video; and possible demonstration).

Can my child attend? Due to the graphic nature of the event, the event is for age 18 and over. Autopsy Center of Chicago offers an event for high schools called “Live from the Morgue.” Please contact the Autopsy Center directly to discuss.

How graphic is the event? The event is highly graphic, much more so than the introductory event, ‘The Autopsy Talks.’ There is extended video footage and more views of the outside of the body. While still sensitive and respectful, the event presumes comfort with the body. There are no views of the face.

Is there is a student discount or university group rate?
Please click on the date you’re interested in attending to learn about individual student discounts; or contact the Autopsy Center directly to discuss group rates.