Reviews of The Autopsy Talks

[two_third] “Loved this the first time and was equally as great the second time.”
– R.G. March 30, 2016

“I really enjoyed the presentation. I’m very surprised that 2 hours flew by so quickly. You’re a great speaker and I feel like I’m walking away with gained knowledge. Thanks for your time!”
– B.L. March 30, 2016

“Dr. Margolis did an excellent job. Everything was explained with great clarity.”
– L.O. March 30, 2016

“Great presentation! Lots of info to cover so definitely recommend a multi-session ticket package to see everything.”
– J.A. March 30, 2016

“Very engaged with the audience and very thoughtful about the families.”
– J. April 4, 2016

“Dr. Margolis was very fun to listen. I love his presentation and demeanor. He was very enjoyable and relatable.”
– K.N. April 20, 2016

“Great presentation – very upbeat, very thorough. I think I want to go to medical school!”
– J.A. April 20, 2016

“The big reveal when we find out how each subject really died was really interesting. Also enjoyed the emphasis on emotion/sensitivity – what the family needs. This was cool!”
– N.L. April 20, 2016


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