For Hospitals

Hospitals may contract with us to perform a case. Our service is neutral regardless of who initiates the request.  Dr. Margolis, Director of the Autopsy Center, holds a B.A. from Harvard University and an M.D. from the University of Chicago.  Casework is meticulous and thorough, with full attention to academic standard of care and timeliness of reporting.

Contractual Service

Families in conflict

Seminars and consultation


Contractual service

When your medical staff has questions about a clinical diagnosis, the Autopsy Center can provide thorough, complete autopsy casework.  We can perform autopsies on-site at your location, provisional diagnosis within 48 hours and a complete report within 30 days,  Please contact us for further information.

Families in conflict

The Autopsy Center of Chicago is an excellent choice when working with families in conflict with your institution.  Many families who seek litigation will request to have an autopsy done outside the hospital.  Before the trust is completely broken, allow us to become an option for you.

Our reputation for excellence and neutrality allows you to provide an option that demonstrates to the family your willingness to hear their concerns and your emphasis on “neutrality.”  This decreases barriers between you and the family and keeps your relationship with the family open.

Specifically, we can:

  • Perform the case on-site at your hospital
  • Perform the case off-site at one of our facilities
  • Have tissue and blood work performed at your lab
  • Have tissue and blood work performed at one of our labs

When you provide options to families, they may feel a sense of control they need during their stressful time — and renewed trust.

The Autopsy Center prides itself on a complete understanding of a family’s emotional concerns.  We understand that, around the time of loss, feelings are intense and complicated.  We also understand that, even in the setting of excellent care, families can have untoward perceptions based on communication issues, unmet expectations and for many other reasons.

Our goal is to seek the “truth of the case”; help normalize a family’s experience; and provide a context to help interpret parts of the experience that may have been confusing for a family.  While we stand by our cases when they go to litigation, we understand the complexities of hospital experience and the nuances of communication.

Seminars and consultation

We have tremendous experience working with families in conflict.  We provide seminars on the topic of physician communication; and consultation when working with families seeking litigation.  Please feel free to consult with us proactively for your institution; or if you have a family in conflict.

When families grow mistrustful, we can help you rebuild trust.  Please allow us to help.


If you are a hospital looking for a service your clinicians can trust, please call us at 1-855-8-AUTOPSY.