Next Generation
Science Standards

Science and Engineering Practices:
Asking questions
Analyzing and interpreting data
Constructing explanations
Engaging in argument from evidence
Obtaining, evaluating, and
communicating information

Crosscutting Concepts:
Cause and effect
Systems and system models
Structure and function

Disciplinary Core Ideas:
LS1: From molecules to organisms: Structures and processes
Students who demonstrate
understanding can:
HS-LS1-3. Plan and conduct an investigation to provide evidence that feedback mechanisms maintain homeostasis.


Live from the Morgue

Expanded Access at

Anatomy & Physiology

External exam
Body systems
Solve medical cases
Autopsy for in-class viewing

Short term or extended access.

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What you’ll do
-Learn about the autopsy procedure via a multimedia presentation and discussion
-View video footage of an autopsy while the physician narrates the experience live and discusses the case with students.
-Experience a hands on demonstration of autopsy tools and specimens (for groups attending in person).
-Participate in cross-school/cross-cultural student-centered activities related to death and dying (for groups attending in person).

***The event is a discussion of an archived autopsy video. The event is not a real-time dissection of a person. We do not keep or store bodies at the center. The event is a video from our case files.***
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How students participate
Online and in-person events: The workbook/teacher edition prepares students for the event. It prepares students for the emotions of seeing a dead body and introduces the science and medicine of autopsy casework. Finally, the case you’ll actually see during the event is reviewed. You’ll learn about that patient’s medical history and start to develop hypothyses about the cause of death.

In-person event: Cross-school/cross-cultural interactions are an important part of the in-person event. You will be there with other schools. Each school will prepare a group statement on death and dying; and select one person to read the statement at the start of the event. Students will receive and event twitter hashtag in the week prior to the event to introduce themselves to students of other schools and begin to get to know one another.

Online and in-person events: Students participation is key. Questions are welcome during the event, asked directly by the student. There will also be an event twitter hashtag. Students can post questions to the hashtag and the doctor will address these during the events.

In-person event: A small number of students from different schools — those who wish — can be seated together during the event to continue to meet and integrate across schools and cultures.

All schools are encourage to do a post-event activity — either write a “thank you letter to the family,” or describe their experience and what it meant to them. The technical data of the case (organ weights, measurements) are also disclosed so that autopsy can be analyzed fully.
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Who can attend
The event is currently open for high school groups (grades 9-12). Colleges, universities and professional programs may also inquire.
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Schools groups may attend via a live-feed interactive experience. An in-person experience is available at Davis Theater, 4614 N. Lincoln Ave Chicago, IL 60625.
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Dates and times
Events are held at 10:00 am CT and run one and half hours. Events are currently held selected Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Current dates may be found at the top grey box this page.
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Lunch options
An on-site lunch box plan is available with limited availability and scheduled on a first-come-first-serve basis by school.
A to-go lunch box option is available for schools unable to schedule on-site or preferring to take lunch boxes with them on the bus after the event.
The on-site lunch box plan will be at Davis Theater’s partner dining space, Carbon Arc, located at the theater.
Contact us for details.
The on-site lunch box plan is $9.25 ($8.25/person plus a $1.00/person space rental fee). The to-go lunch box plan is $8.25/person. Schools may bring lunch and use the dining space at an additional cost of $1/student.
All box lunches include a sandwich, chips, cookie, apple slices and bottled water.

How to attend
Please contact us to make payment arrangement. Once payment is received, you may register for the date that works for you.

Registration is required at least one month before the event. Registration is non-refundable and non-transferable. Registration for any date is subject to availability.
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Supplemental materials
“Live from the Morgue” Student Workbook and Teacher Edition are available electronically prior to the event.
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Open event policy
Your in-person or on-line event may be joined by classes from other schools.
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Technology requirements
Please be sure to have wired (not wireless) internet service, computer, webcam, sound system, projector and screen at your facility. A microphone (to pass around to students for questions) is preferable but not required. Detailed instructions will provided upon registration.
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Dry run
You must schedule a technology dry run at least two weeks prior to the event. Failure to schedule your technology dry run at least two weeks in advance will result in cancellation of your event without refund. Technology dry runs are typically at 8am or 9am CT.
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For the online event, the cost for attendance is $300 per group (one room with one streaming set-up). There is no restriction on group size for the online event. However, schools wishing to set up two or more tech set-ups (e.g. two or more viewing rooms) will be charged $300 for each set-up. (Maximum: 3 streaming set-ups. See open event policy.) For schools with a free and reduced lunch eligibility rate of 51% or greater, the cost is at $200 per group (one room only).

For the in-person field trip, the cost of attendance $17/student (18 student minimum) or $300 flat rate for group size under 18 students; free for one teacher and one accompanying adult; $17 for each additional adult. For schools with a free and reduced lunch eligibility rate of 51% or greater, the cost is $10/student (30 student minimum) or $300 flat rate for group size under 30; free for one teacher and one accompanying adult; $17 for each additional adult.

Link to accompanying workbook and teacher edition is $19.95 for all schools. This is a required fee for each event date selected. Paper copies may be requested for an additional fee.

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Press policies
Many schools will have local press at the event. For the record, we are not the Coroner Office or the Medical Examiner Office, or part of Cook County or any government agency. Autopsy Center of Chicago is an independent autopsy service assisting families in grief. Dr. Margolis is not a coroner or medical examiner. He is an autopsy pathologists and physician, and the founder and director of Autopsy Center of Chicago. Thank you.

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Refunds, Changes and Video policy
Refunds: The event purchase is non-refundable 24 hours after purchase; and date selections are non-transferable. Missed tech checks will require an addition $75 payment for a make-up tech check. Make-up tech checks are subject to availability and are scheduled at the discretion of Autopsy Center of Chicago. Missed tech checks will result in cancellation of your event without refund. Tech checks are considered missed if you are not available 15 minutes after the time your tech check is scheduled.
Changes: Payment is due 30 days prior to your event. This is your payment due date. Events dates must be requested and pricing confirmed at least one week prior to the payment due date. Follow-up requests made during the week prior to your payment due date and which would decrease the event fee will result in cancellation of your event date; and you will be prohibited from re-registering for any event until the next academic year. Autopsy Center of Chicago reserves the right to accept or deny school registration at its sole discretion.
Video: Any and all video of the event is prohibited by students, staff and any other persons in attendance at Live from the Morgue without the express written permission of Autopsy Center of Chicago authorizing video. Schools in violation of the video policy will be prohibited from scheduling further Live from the Morgue events.
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In the News

Lincoln Way East students observe autopsy via live stream. The Herald News. July 18, 2017

Tinley Park students talk with Dr. Margolis at Live from the Morgue. Tinley Park Patch. March 26, 2018.

What schools are saying

“We can not thank you enough for providing this incredible experience for the students of John Hersey High School!  The students were absolutely enthralled for the entire presentation and are so very fortunate to have had this opportunity. This allowed the students to apply the knowledge they have been learning in class with a real life scenario.  While the cadaver field trip we took in the fall was an excellent extension of our class, this took learning to an entirely new level!  I love that we were able to explore the case study in preparation of the viewing so that students felt like actual pathologists/investigators trying to make a diagnosis and solve a case.” -Kelley Pataky, Science Teacher, Arlington Heights

“I really appreciate you sharing your expertise with us & giving a small look into what you do! I wasn’t expecting such a high level of humanistic concern integrated with anatomy & physiology. From (intern) Sarah’s visit to our school to finally meeting you & experiencing the program, exceeded any & all expectations I had. It was one of the best field trips I have taken my students on, certainly something they will never forget. A few months ago, we went to a cadaver lab, the students who wanted to have a more hands on experience were able to. That experience should have lessened the shock for many of the students I brought with.” -Chad Robson, Science Teacher, Tinley Park

“…The experience was great. It was great to be able to watch a procedure such as a autopsy and then have commentary from the doctor that actually performed the procedure….It was also great how the doctor involved us by asking us questions and then also by answering all of the questions we had…. – Nina P, student

“I also thought it was cool when he talked about the pacemaker and the steps that they had to take to make sure that they wouldn’t be shocked. There is definitely a lot of small things they have to think about when performing something so serious!” -Jamie B., student

“Our class was small at the time, so there was a great opportunity to talk with the medical examiner and ask personalized questions….[I]t was the first time I was exposed to a situation like the one we saw on screen, and it was a learning experience in and of itself.” -Jiaqi C., student


Please feel free to contact Autopsy Center at 855-8-AUTOPSY or through our contact form.