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Part I:
April 11, May 9

Part II:
April 17, May 15

Part III:
April 24, June 5

All shows start at 7:30 pm CT
except for April 11 @ 7:00 pm CT

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Under the Gun Theater
956 W Newport Ave
Chicago, IL 60657

The Autopsy Talks - Goldstar


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Part I: The (original) Autopsy Talks (April 11, May 9)
Engaging, thoughtful, introductory slideshow and discussion on the autopsy for the public.
Graphic level 3/10

Part II: Surgery: Incisions and Insights (April 17, May 15)
Come armed with curiosity and questions for a journey below the staple line. Learn how an autopsy reveals the bodys experience under the knife; and share in the moving stories winding from operating room to autopsy suite.
Graphic level 5/10

Part III: Stories from the Heart
(April 24, June 5)
Voyage from vessel to valve, stent to saphenous vein graft, collapse to CPR as tales unfold.
Graphic level 6/10

What it’s about: Journey to the other side and back again in this critically acclaimed slide show and discussion series on the autopsy. Dr. Ben Margolis, director of Autopsy Center of Chicago, shares his experience and insights into the autopsy procedure, the patients who get them and families who ask for them. Learn how an autopsy is performed; understand how the information gained brings a family to a place of peace; and hear a story or two along the way that might surprise or move you.

Press Reviews:
Chicago Magazine calls Dr. Margolis the “top expert” in Chicago.
Time Out Chicago says “…the slides show ends, my crime-TV intrigue whetted.”
The AV Club “came away thoroughly squicked out and enchanted with all the new stuff we learned.”


Is there an actual dead body at the event? No. The event is a slideshow and discussion.

Can my child attend? Due to the subject matter’s presentation, the event is for ages 18 and over.

How graphic is the event? The event is graphic and for age 18 and over. However, the material is presented sensitively and with discretion. There are no views of the face or hands. Views are mostly of the inside of the body. Most guests who come feeling anxious about the content leave feeling curious to see more.

Is there is a student discount or university group rate?
Please click on the ticket site to learn about individual student discounts; or contact the Autopsy Center directly to discuss group rates.